​​​​​​​​Dark Sunshine

The Play

​The Kraine Theater, NYC

Meet The Characters 

���Alyssa   |   19

So it’s senior year and I’m sure most people think it’s time to have fun and relax ….. Nope.  Between working two jobs, applying for medical school, and still helping my mother back home with bills…. I don’t see any time for love, relaxing, or anything that doesn’t have to do with my future.  My roommate this year is my best friend Elizabeth and although I feel bad that her boyfriend broke up with her on the last day of the semester, I’m happy that she can use this time to focus on what she wants to do with her life and not be a distraction. ​

​Elizabeth   |   21

After breaking up with my boyfriend at the end of junior year I thought I would be depressed forever. But this summer I studied abroad in Brazil and found a whole new outlook on life! Ever since I can remember I've always been on my way, in, or just left a relationship. And I think it's about time I focused on me. So going into senior year Im ready to drink, party and have fun with my bestie Alyssa. You're going to love her. She's smart, pretty, a great listener, and did I mention smart? She's on her way to becoming a doctor! I know this might be her last time to have fun so hopefully I can be a distraction from all of her problems!


​Matt   |   20

Everyone is so hung up on the fact that it's senior year, but honestly I'm thinking about dropping out. Now before you judge me you need to understand hat college wasn't my idea in the first place. After my dad died I promised my mom I would go if my music career didn't take off by the time I finished high school. I mean sure I met my best friend John and had my first serious girlfriend. But overall it just wasn't for me. You see I'm an artist. A struggling one, but an artist nonetheless. And I finally got my shot. In 3 weeks I have a major audition with a huge music label!  I'll tell you how it happened later, but for now I need to focus on where I'm going to live if I drop out. I know I can't move back home with my mom but the stars have aligned because John is an R.A. this year. Which means he has his own room! So hopefully I can crash there until I can afford my mansion!

John   |   21

Senior year is the beginning of the new John. My whole life up until this point has been 100% focused on getting into medical school. No time for partying, no time for going out and definitely no time for love. And now that it's senior year and medical school is right around the corner it's time for me to catch up. Now I don't really care about partying at this point, and going out doesn't really interest me, but this year I'm determined to get the love of my life Alyssa. I'm a resident assistant this year which means I get my own room. We study together a lot anyway since she's going to be a doctor as well. So it shouldn't be that hard to get some alone time. Now the only thing that might be a little tricky is the fact that she dated Matt freshman year. I'm definitely going to ask him but I don't think he would mind. I honestly don't think it should be a problem. It was freshman year!